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Silicon Skin Smartphone Cases ONLY: $9.95
OEM Blackberry Trackpad ONLY: $12.99
iPhone 4 & 4S Digitizer/LCD Replacement ONLY: $64.99
Samsung & Blackberry Unlockings From: $14.95
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Welcome to cell-repair.ca!

Here at Cell Phone Repairs & Accessories we specialize in offering repair services to all cell phones across all cities of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) including Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville and Milton along with other cities within the Golden Horseshoe. We are currently located in Hamilton, Ontario serving those within the city as well as Burlington, St. Catherines, Stoney Creek and Niagara. We are hoping to soon expand and make our quality service and store locations available within all cities and ultimetely near you!

We've built this website for not only marketing purposes, but to better help our customers reach their ultimate goals. Whether it be trying to diagnose your phone problem, figuring out the cost to fix it or to simply know what we have in stock on our online and physical stores, this website will get you there!

Our stores have been a great home for many broken phones that have walked in (not literally ofcourse!). We hire only certified technicians and make sure we handle your cell phone with care, backup all data and use the highest quality of parts available in the market today. This is because our satisfaction solely relies on customer satisfaction; afterall it is because of you we are in business! So please take this opportunity to explore our website, our online store and make a visit to our store in Downtown Hamilton. We are always pleased to see new customers and in helping them with their issues.

Also, don't forget to regularly check our BLOG and twitter posts, as new firmware releases are launched every now and then. Its also a great way to know when we hold our big monthly sales and what's sturring up at the office! Thank you.

- Message from the President